Oá Galeria – Arte Contemporânea

Vitória, Brazil


Inaugurated in April 2007, OÁ Galeria - Arte Contemporânea aims to participate in the construction of a sensitive look at contemporary art, presenting it in its different languages and supports, accompanying the development of young contemporary artists as well as artists with a career already consolidated in the national and international art market.

Based in Vitória, Espírito Santo, the OÁ Galeria has been carrying out cultural activities parallel to the exhibitions, creating dialogues, articulating flows, connections and confrontations between local, national and international production. In addition to the exhibition and commercialization of contemporary art, OÁ Galeria - Arte Contemporânea aims to be a space for the formation, discussion and democratization of art.


Thais Hilal


R. Aprígio de Freitas, 240
Vitória, ES
+55 (27) 3227-5443