Noemi Saga Atelier

São Paulo, Brazil


Noemi Saga Atelier is a Brazilian product brand established in 2013 by Nomina Design.
Beyond aesthetics and functionality, Noemi Saga Atelier pursues emotional connection between people and products.
Research on arts, History, trends and cultural expressions are important inspiration sources.
They also combine new materials and technology with traditional techniques to make unique art-furniture.
Nomina Design was established in 1999 and is based in São Paulo.
Noemi Saga is the founder of Nomina Design and CCO of Noemi Saga Atelier.

For SP-Arte 2019, among its products, Noemi Saga Atelier will present the Pinacoteca: the brand new collection of signed products for Tecer Tapetes; and the Pedrita, a serie of lamps in Brazilian exotic stones from Pettrus Mineração.


Noemi Saga


São Paulo
Av. Angélica, 2404
São Paulo, SP