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Movimento Arte Contemporanea

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Under the direction of Ricardo Kimaid Junior, Movimento Art Gallery presents itself as a space destined to share the creative process of emerging artists, as well as those already established. It has a space of 140 m² and a collection created from the crossing of different generations, emphasizing the quality of the languages and the diversity of new aesthetic perspectives.

Founded in 2007, it holds exhibitions annually with the objective of launching, along with a meticulous support from curators, new critical perspectives on the contemporary production. In 2014, as a part of the process of democratization of art, movimento launched “Programa Múltiplos” making new audiences have access to works and also encouraging art collecting by the launch of engravings and serial objects.

In 2017 it launched two new programs, “Mover-se” and “Vitrine Movimento”, both being special projects. The first one was created in order to host curated collective exhibitions, being annually performed, presenting a set of artists who do not belong to the gallery's cast, and the second, aiming to create poetic from the exhibitive space, being responsible for inviting artists to make proposals in situ, creating works that dialogue with the physical characteristic of the place, that is, with the store window, where new relations with the viewer can be encouraged.


Ricardo Kimaid Junior


Rio de Janeiro
Av. Atlântica, 4240
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
+55 (21) 2267-5989

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