SP–Arte 2020

Matias Brotas Arte Contemporânea

Vitória, Brazil


Matias Brotas Contemporary Art is a place for the flow of artworks, the encouragement of the debate about art as a dimension of life, the formation and expansion of audiences, the appreciation of the artist and the promotion of new insertions and perceptions of art. Acting for 13 years in the Brazilian market, its collection is composed by renowned artists in the national and international scene of contemporary art, such as Manfredo de Souzanetto and José Bechara, besides investing in young and promising talents such as Lara Felipe, Miro Soares, Raphael Bianco, Renata Egreja, Antonio Bokel and Mai-Britt Wolthers.

MBac creates connections between art critics, artists, collectors, curators and the public, through a curatorial project wich involves individual and collective exhibitions, that act in the projection of the represented artists and in the dynamization of the market. Mbac is convinced that such initiatives, as well as its collector’s club and coursers circuit, strongly contribute to the formation of the public and the democratization of art.


Lara Brotas
Sandra Matias


Av. Carlos Gomes de Sá, 130
Vitória, ES

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