Lurixs: Arte Contemporanea

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Founded by Ricardo Rego in 2002, Lurixs: Contemporary Art is located in Rio de Janeiro. For the past 14 years, the gallery has presented almost 50 exhibitions at it's first head office, installed at an old restored house in Botafogo. Representing emerging and established artists, the gallery has taken part at Rio de Janeiro’s avant-garde scene by promoting shows both with Brazilian and international canons, such as Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Clark, François Morellet and Geraldo de Barros, and contemporary artists, such as José Bechara, Raul Mourão and Elizabeth Jobim.

In 2017, when the gallery moves it's headquarters to Leblon, Lurixs is committed to building a new path in it's history, now installed in a place specially conceived for an art gallery. Designed by architect Miguel Pinto Guimarães, the four-story building is located at a noble street - Rua Dias Ferreira - and has two exhibition rooms, an art storage area and a few offices. At this new address, the gallery keeps committed to presenting an intense program, with contemporary art shows and exhibitions of it's magnificent collection. LURIXS curatorial axis is focused on Brazilian Concrete and Neo-concrete movements - and also on the complex legacy of those art movements in contemporary art.


Ricardo Rego


Rio de Janeiro
R. Dias Ferreira, 214
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
+55 (21) 2541-4935