SP-Arte 2020
SP-Arte 2019


São Paulo, Brazil


The studio mission is to employ a singular and unique aesthetic language that can be plural at the same time regarding the possibilities of use and decor. The process incorporates sustainability in the use of materials because I believe that “beauty” in any form can and should be aware and socially responsible. In this sense, some objects are produced from the use of discarded woods and marbles. This allows us to bring a new look and meaning to these noble fragments generating unique creations and supporting the artisan Brazilian suppliers at the same time.

"I look for the uniqueness in every idea and I believe in the one by one making, done at step by step pace, seeking eyes that know how to see." In just one and a half year, Konsepta work and objects are already found in the most famous design and decoration shops in the country.


Claudia Issa


São Paulo
R. dos Macunis, 446
São Paulo, SP
+55 (11) 99818-1908

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