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When hands think_
After working for 20 years with art direction, graphic design, magazines and fashion, Claudia Issa left in search of something new. In this search, he ends up discovering in his own hands a new way of creating adding this to his creative profile: using his hands to enter a new dimension, the dimension of the object. In 2017 he inaugurates his brand of ceramic objects, where he works as a ceramist and plastic artist. “My creative process is very intuitive. In the graphic arts I always used the notebook to write down ideas, make sketches and layouts. It was a very rational process. It's different now. Sometimes I take a piece of clay, knead it and the shape appears. It is my hands that ‘think’ and I leave it like that to see what will come up. When I'm working, ideas need to emerge from my experiences and impressions of them. So, I can say that imperfection is a theme that always inspires me all the time. An example of this is the series "Disforma", where I tried to break with the expectations of a proportional and exact result by incorporating "failure", "imperfection", "tortuosity" in the concept. I think it's beautiful that something imperfect can stubbornly show itself as it is, imposing its own beauty, outside the standards. "


Claudia Issa


São Paulo
R. dos Macunis, 446
São Paulo, SP

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