Isabel Amado Fotografias

São Paulo, Brazil


Isabel Amado Photography – Vintage, modern and contemporary.
Since 1988, Isabel Amado acts in the photograph universe and in the art market. She has an extensive vintage photographies collection, of Gertrudes Altschul, Ademar Manarini, Paulo Pires, Marcel Giró, Mario Fiori and Eduardo Salvatore, photographers with remarkable presence in FCCB - Fotocineclube Bandeirante, and who originate the “Escola Paulista de Fotografia” (São Paulo Photograph School). She also presents a selection of original vintage photographies of women photographers of the years of 1970 and 1980.


Isabel Amado


São Paulo
R. João Ramalho, 325
05008 001
São Paulo, SP
55 11 981368717