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IAC – Instituto de Arte Contemporânea

São Paulo, Brazil


Contemporary Brazilian art has in its geometric and constructivist expressions its most important artists. Internationally recognized, Amilcar de Castro, Hermelindo Fiaminghi, Iole de Freitas, Lothar Charoux, Luiz Sacilotto, Sergio Camargo, Sérvulo Esmeraldo and Willys de Castro are part of this group. His works, influential in the formation of the Brazilian art produced in the present time, deserve differentiated diffusion and a proper space for the exhibition and research.

With the purpose of perpetuating its production and valuing this relevant ensemble for Brazilian art, the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea – IAC, a cultural non-profit organization, is founded with the following objectives: to promote the trajectory of these artists through significant works of their production, making them permanently visible to the public; form and make available a free research center with bibliographical and museological documentation of the artists, stored in a specific database; promote educational activities and cultural exchanges with museums and institutions.


Ana Serra
Raquel Arnaud
Jeane Gonçalves
Patrícia Regina Verderesi
Pedro Barbosa
Roberto Miranda de Lima
Renata De Paula Seripieri


São Paulo
R. Doutor Álvaro Alvim, 90
São Paulo, SP
+55 (11) 3255-2009

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