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Lima, Peru
Los Angeles, United States


Ginsberg is a contemporary Latin American art gallery, based in Lima, Peru. The gallery, founded in 2016 by Claudia Pareja, opened its doors with the mission of exhibiting Latin American artists in a context of critical dialogue and intellectual rigor. Our program has been designed around the premises of conceptualism, research and innovation, with a special interest in preserving and understanding regional differences. Inspired by art’s capacity of building bridges and shortening frontiers, Ginsberg aspires to be a platform where emerging and well-established artists can continue to create freely, broadening discourses and presenting innovative ideas.

In 2018 Ginsberg announced the creation of an editorial branch, under which the gallery will publish catalogues and artist books, with the aim of actively participating in the conversation regarding artistic production in the region. To achieve this aim, the platform will look to collaborate with curators and critics and established editorials both national and international, seeking to promote and fund research and knowledge of Latin American contemporary art.


Claudia Pareja


Av. Santa Cruz, 1068
Lima, Lima
51 6876427

Los Angeles
2190 E14 St, #340
Los Angeles, California

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