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Galeria Patricia Ready

Santiago, Chile


Galeria Patricia Ready opened it's doors aiming to support a national artistic scene that develops innovative experimentation in the field of visual arts. The artists represented by the gallery work in different medias defying established practices through continuous research and experimentation, where most times the result comes to be an experience to be shown at the gallery in form of different installations.

In order to support the artists represented by the gallery, Galeria Patricia Ready holds a non-for-profit organization – Corporación Cultural Arte + - whose main objective is to grant scholarships to emerging national talents in the visual arts. As part of its program, the gallery aims to be a center for the dissemination of contemporary art. This year it has launched a new edition of the book “Sabor a mí” by the artist Cecilia Vicuña, and last year closed its calendar with he exhibition “The Sound of Silence” by Alfredo Jaar, showing an important piece that had never been seen in Chile.

Aiming to generate further discussions around culture, Galeria Patricia Ready has a free distribution monthly publication – La Panera - covering visual arts issues and other relevant cultural topics.


Patricia Ready


Espoz, 3125
+56 (2) 2953-6210

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