Galeria Nara Roesler

São Paulo, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nova York, United States


Galeria Nara Roesler is a leading Brazilian contemporary art gallery, representing seminal Brazilian and international artists who emerged in the 1950s as well as preeminent mid-career and emerging artists who dialogue with the currents put forth by these historical figures. Founded by Nara Roesler in 1989, the gallery has consistently fomented curatorial practice while upholding the utmost quality in art production. This has actively been put into practice through a select and rigorous exhibitions program created in close collaboration with its artists; the implementation and fostering of the Roesler Hotel program, a platform for curatorial projects; and continued support to artists beyond the gallery space, working with institutions and curators in offsite shows. In 2012, the gallery doubled its São Paulo exhibition space, in 2014 it expanded to Rio, and in 2015 it opened in New York City, continuing its mission to provide the best platform for its artists to show their work.


Nara Roesler
Alexandre Roesler
Daniel Roesler
Fabíola Ceni


São Paulo
Av. Europa, 655
São Paulo, SP

Rio de Janeiro
Rua Redentor, 241
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
55 3591 0052

Nova York
east 69th street 3r, 22
Nova York, NY
1 794 5038