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Galeria Kogan Amaro

São Paulo, Brazil
Zurich, Switzerland


Founded in São Paulo in 2006, Kogan Amaro Gallery presently has two units. The headquarters is housed in a 230 square-meter, double-height space in the heart of the Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo. In May 2019, the gallery inaugurated its Zurich branch in a 350 square-meter space that opened with an exhibition by Nuno Ramos. Kogan Amaro/Zurich is based at the Löwenbräu Cultural Center, a museum and gallery hub in Switzerland’s liveliest and largest city.

The gallery’s vibrant contemporary program features the work of emerging artists such as Samuel de Saboia, Élle de Bernardini, Daniel Mullen, Mundano, Bruno Miguel, Daniel Lannes and Tangerina Bruno, as well as established Brazilian artists such as Nazareth Pacheco and Marcia Pastore, to name a few. Kogan Amaro stages twofold events related in concept such as contemporary artist Fernanda Figueiredo’s show, “The Visit of Max Bill”, that happened in the Zurich gallery at the same time as the historical exhibition, “Concrete Art of the 1950s”. This collective show displayed works by the founders of the Brazilian Concrete movement, who were inspired by Bill’s visit to the 1st edition of the São Paulo Bienal in 1951, such as deceased artists Willys de Castro, Lothar Charoux, Hercules Barsotti, Luiz Sacilotto and Judith Lauand. The Swiss unit has also organized historical solo exhibitions with the works of Frans Krajcberg, Servulo Esmeraldo and Flavio de Carvalho.

Kogan Amaro’s portfolio with reputed artists with solid institutional careers and emerging contemporary artists reflects the daring spirit of the young partners at its helm, the couple Ksenia Kogan Amaro and Marcos Amaro, both 35 years old, who prior to the gallery have always been involved with art. Managing partner and co-founder of the gallery, Moscow-born Ksenia Kogan Amaro is also an acclaimed international classical pianist, art collector and performance artist. Ksenia has designed a project she performed worldwide with actor John Malkovich, collaborated with Placido Domingo, created projects for UNESCO and performed concerts for heads of state and the royal families of Spain and Belgium. Marcos Amaro, the founder of the gallery, is himself a visual artist, art collector, philosophy and finance major, entrepreneur and art patron as well as president of the FAMA Museum and FAMA Campo.


Marlise Corsato


São Paulo
Al. Franca, 1054
São Paulo, SP
55 11 30450755

Löwenbräu-Kunst. Limmatstrasse, 270

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