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Galeria Frente

São Paulo, Brazil


Galeria Frente, located in the neighborhood of Jardins in São Paulo, opened its doors on August 25, 2015. With 350m², designed by the architect Rogério Ribas, the gallery has spaces to house exhibitions and technical reserves. The goal of the Gallery is to highlight the work of great Brazilian artists and present historical works, through retrospective, individual and collective exhibitions. The inauguration of the Front Gallery with an exhibition in honor of Mira Schendel was an honor and a feat of great responsibility. With a lot of work and criteria were gathered around 150 works of Mira Schendel, his various creative periods, many of them unpublished, which will provide visitors with a short walk through their production.

After six years out of the individual exhibition circuit in the country, his busy work was exhibited at the inaugural show. Along with the exhibition was a book with text by Taisa Pallhares, who co-curated Mira's exhibition at Tate and Pinacoteca. In the year 2016 the Front Gallery opened to the public two more great exhibitions. In March a large retrospective of the concrete artist Antonio Maluf, curated by Fabio Magalhães, and in September a large exhibition of the neoconcrete artist Hercules Barsotti, curated by Marilúcia Bottallo. In both exhibitions the gallery published the first great book of each artist.

In 2017 we made the first exhibition of the artist Frans Krajcberg, with works from the 50's to the year 2000, covering his entire trajectory of drawing, painting and sculpture. For the first time, Galeria Frente opens in 2018 an exhibition showing the friendship of two gauchos artists, the exhibitions Iberê Camargo and Francisco Stockinger with canvases and sculptures of the different stages of each artist.


Acacio Lisboa


São Paulo
R. Doutor Melo Alves, 400
São Paulo, SP

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