Galeria Eduardo Fernandes

São Paulo, Brazil


The sensitivity for the universe of artistic production is the main engine that guides the vision of the gallerist Eduardo Fernandes.

His formal education in anthroposophy prepares his worldview that strengths the capacity of questioning – thinking –, and the experimentation through manual training¬ – acting.

Fernandes’ first choice in Architecture was, therefore, natural, as a possibility of articulation between creation and its manifestation in the world and on its physical space.

For six years, as an Architect in São Paulo – and executing his projects also in several Brazilian cities - Fernandes expanded his imagery repertoire. During this period, he returned with a renewed research purpose to something he was interested since his childhood: visiting art exhibitions in museums, galleries, and artist studios. That resonated with his incessant interest in the current art production. He worked as an art advisor until 2005, the year he decided to open and work exclusively for his own gallery, Galeria Eduardo Fernandes.

Representing a team of 19 artists, Brazilians and foreigners, who produce in various art mediums, Eduardo Fernandes has been participating in national and international art fairs since 2011; has produced more than 80 exhibitions in the gallery space in São Paulo, and over 50 shows accompanying his artists in Museums and Art Institutions, in Brazil and around the world.


Eduardo Fernandes


São Paulo
R. Harmonia, 145
São Paulo, SP