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Galeria Aura

São Paulo, Brazil


Created in 2015 as a digital platform, Aura dedicated its first years of existence to map and introduce artists from the brand new Brazilian contemporary art scene to the market. Gradually, the online experience unfolded in face-to-face events, with pop-up exhibitions and participation in contemporary art fairs. In 2017, this process culminated in the opening of its own physical space, in São Paulo. From 2020, Aura inaugurates Casa-Galeria in an apartment located in the central region of São Paulo, and returns to act digitally by promoting online courses on the art system and events open to the public, such as Happy Aura, which proposes informal conversations between its various agents and professionals from other fields of culture.


Bruna Bailune


São Paulo
R. Wisard, 397
São Paulo, SP

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