Estúdio Mameluca

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Our goal with Design is to tell stories, generating questions, emotions and discoveries through human senses. Contemporary design transcends basic survival needs and leads us to a poetic design of new information and experiences.

The Studio is a house located in Rio de Janeiro. When you arrive in the studio you are welcomed by an artwork on the house’s the facade made by the Portuguese artist named Vhils. Upon entering you come across the scent of the studio that invariably, at that point, pulls you in your thoughts. When looking at the wall’s entrance, you do not understand what is stuck to the wall, but when you ask, you discover that the wall is coated with plates created by the studio from recycled plastic. After some steps you start enjoying some studio pieces that are on display. The bathroom requires a special visit, a mosaic wall made with the old house’s tiles from before the renovation of the studio, the mirror stripes that you have to strive to see in full, and the sound environment produced by the studio’s partner Kiko Fernandes, which poetically portrays phrases typically seen in national public restrooms. When you ascend to the second floor, you will find the team's creation tables, ambient sound (according to the mood of the day) and also the aroma of the studio. When you go up to the third level, you will find the workshop, which is usually not very tidy, but is organized in detail for the momentary needs of the studio.


Alessandra CLark
Nuno FS


Rio De Janeiro
Rua Teresa Guimaraes, 35
Rio De Janeiro, RJ