SP-Arte 2020

El Gran Vidrio

Córdoba, Argentina


Fundación El Gran Vidrio is a non-profit association that was born at the end of 2018 in the city of Córdoba with the clear intention of strengthening, enriching and expanding the possibilities of thought and practice around contemporary art and its communities.

After developing the gallery project for nine consecutive years, Fundación El Gran Vidrio merges to extend its range of action towards cultural initiatives that affect various areas of the artistic field.

This new work platform includes the development of content on theory and thought about contemporary art and its practices, the realization of exhibitions and participation in fairs, the activation of artistic residences and workshop spaces for artists, own productions of cycles and co- productions that we carry out together with other institutions with which we share common themes and interests.


Romina Castiñeira
Catalina Urtubey


Humberto Primo, 497
Córdoba, Córdoba

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