SP–Arte 2020

Documenta Pantanal

São Paulo, Brazil


Documenta Pantanal is a set of coordinated actions and projects to: document; make known the beauty and natural value of the Brazilian Pantanal region; promote dialogue between productive forces, the University, institutions/organizations in search of implementable consensus solutions.

Through targeted coordinated actions, in a multilevel activation and mobilization strategy, Documenta Pantanal was designed to speak to a wide audience, seeking to bring together researchers, academics, agribusiness producers, conservation groups, tourism, journalists and educators.

With these actions we want the Pantanal to be on the agenda of Brazilian public opinion and of organizations and institutions linked to sustainability issues.


Mônica Guimarães
Teresa Cristina Ralston Bracher


São Paulo
Av. Angélica, 403
São Paulo, SP

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