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Dan Galeria Contemporânea

São Paulo, Brazil


Dan Galeria was founded in 1972 in São Paulo, by Gláucia and Peter Cohn, with the purpose to develop Brazilian Art and its market. In the first years of activity the gallery focused exclusively on Brazilian Modern Art featuring works of important artists from the 1920’s Modernist Movement such as: di Cavalcanti, Antônio Gomide, Ismael Nery, Tarsila do Amaral and Cícero Dias. After that, artists from the Santa Helena Group (1930’s /1940’s): Aldo Bonadei and Alfredo Volpi, were incorporated by the gallery.

Gradually concrete and neoconcrete brazilian artists began to play an important role in the history of the gallery: Lygia Clark, Lothar Charoux, Luiz Sacilotto, Fiaminghi, Alexandre Wollner, Almir Mavignier and Ferreira Gullar. The informal abstraction from 1960’s was represented in the gallery by Antônio Bandeira and Yolanda Mohalyi.

In 1985, Flávio Cohn son of the founding couple joined the gallery creating the Contemporary Art Department, which he has been directing since then. Thus was opened space for Brazilian and international contemporary artists who are strong representatives of their medias and art schools. Moreover, Ulisses Cohn also associates to the gallery completing the directory board.

In the past twenty years the gallery has exhibited: Macaparana, Sérgio Fingermann, Amélia Toledo, Ascânio MMM, Laura Miranda and international artists: Sol Lewitt, Antoni Tapies, Jesus Soto, César Paternosto, José Manuel Ballester, Adolfo Estrada, Juan Asensio, Knopp Ferro and Ian Davenport. International concrete masters have also been part of the gallery’s history such as: Max Bill, Joseph Albers, and the British Norman Dilworth, Anthony Hill, Kenneth Martin and Mary Martin.

Dan Galeria has more recently included in its selection important concrete artists: Francisco Sobrino, François Morellet and Getulio Alviani; as well as the historical abstract geometric artists - Sandú Darié, Salvador Corratgé, Wilfredo Arcay and Dolores Soldevilla, just to mention a few from the Cuban group Los Once (The Eleven).

During the last couple of years, Brazilian photographers Christian Cravo and Cristiano Mascaro; Brazilian artist José Spaniol and the internationals Tony Cragg (GB), Lab [AU] (Brussels) and Jong Oh (Korea) have joined the gallery’s Contemporary Art department.
Dan Galeria’s purpose has always been to highlight Brazilian artists and movements since the early 1920’s and on, until today. At the same time, the gallery has always maintained a close relationship with international artists, since artistic movements have historically intertwined and dialogued with each other through no boundaries or frontiers.


Flávio Cohn


São Paulo
R. Estados Unidos, 1638
São Paulo, SP

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