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São Paulo, Brazil
New York, United States


Founded in 1999 by Jully Fernandes, BABEL is a contemporary gallery that has gained recognition and credibility for its 21 years of work in the art market. Guided by its fundamental values ​​and vision, it highlights an independent and innovative attitude, a cosmopolitan vision and audacious thinking.

BABEL seeks to cross borders and exceed expectations regarding the presentation of art by the selection of its artists and works. It understands the cultural importance of which it operates and on an international scale in the Americas, due to its diverse activities and partnerships with Institutions and Museums, actively turns its performances around an exhibition program, art fairs, lectures and workshops. Headquartered in São Paulo, at Rua Estados Unidos 2205, Jardim América and Orchard Street 92 in New York

BABEL participates in art fairs such as SP Arte, Art New York, SP Arte Photo, BAphoto, São Paulo Art Weekend, to name a few, in addition to local and international art-related festivals.


Jully Fernandes


São Paulo
Rua Estados Unidos, 2205
São Paulo, SP

New York
Orchard Street, 92
New York, NY
305 3431295

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