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Atelier Gustavo Bittencourt

Petrópolis, Brazil


Gustavo Bittencourt Atelier values ​​the quality of the raw material, the handmade, valuing the diversity of woods, fittings, materials, textures, details. All with great care and dedication, because we believe in timeless furniture, we like to create a different relationship between our furniture and people.

I believe that we all have a look, a point of view on what we look at, we are all different. And my furniture is exactly my interpretation of forms, mixtures, how I can express myself, how I transform my references, my points of view, into what I believe.

I really like to develop my furniture with a difference, I like to create a relationship with people, develop an interaction, because I think of timeless furniture, that will last for a lifetime. Therefore, this furniture ends up becoming not only furniture, but an immaterial, irreplaceable asset, which ends up being part of the family, of its history. I believe that when we put our hands together, as artisans, we pass our feelings on to the furniture, which brings soul and makes it unique.


Gustavo Bittencourt


R. Luiz Winter, 360
Petrópolis, RJ

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