SP–Arte 2020


Santiago, Chile


Artespacio Gallery was founded in 1995. Its directors, María Elena Comandari and Rosita Lira have led the Chilean cultural scene for 23 years. Their experience in the visual arts has allowed them to develop more than 200 samples and special projects in Chile and abroad. Its objective has been the dissemination, promotion and commercialization of contemporary arts nationally and internationally.

Sculpture has been one of the fundamental their carreers. They have enhanced the work of national sculptors in public spaces through symposium, exhibitions, traveling exhibitions and competitions, among others. They have also managed exhibitions of relevant artists from the international scene. Painting, photography, graphics, and installation of established artists, career, mid-career and emerging, exhibitions, achieving critical recognition, as well as collectors, specialized media and the general public.


Maria Elena Comandari
Rosita Lira


Alonso de Cordova, 2600
+56 2 2206 2177

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