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Amparo 60

Recife, Brazil


The Amparo 60 art gallery, based in Recife, has been developing for 20 years an important role in the consolidation of the contemporary art scene in the state of Pernambuco. The institution was the first in the state to cast a close eye and to invest in this artistic production in the end of the 90's and the beginning of the 00's and over the years it became a showcase to Pernambuco's artistic production not only locally but at a national level.

In its cast, there are consecrated artists and young ones at the beginning of their careers. Even bringing together a great number of locals the gallery also works with artists from other parts of Brazil establishing a dialogue between them and with the local production and public. With more than 60 exhibits, the Amparo 60 invests in curatorial projects, promotion of artists on the Brazilian art circuit, educational actions, production of catalogs and much more.

In 2016 the gallery inaugurated its new headquarter in the California building, located in an area that provides a better interaction with the city and the public.


Lucia Santos


R. Artur Muniz, 82
Recife, PE

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