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1 Mira Madrid

Madrid, Spain


1 Mira Madrid is specialized in the work of artists who use photography, video and installation as their medium, paying special attention to the latest trends.

1 Mira Madrid combines the work of both Spanish artists and established international artists with a wide professional reputation; without forgetting the Latin-American art scene. In this case we have showed the work of Ana Amorim, (Brazil), Graciela Carnevale (Argentina), Oswaldo Maciá (Colombia), Carlos Leppe (Chile), Miguel Ángel Rojas (Colombia) or Lotty Rosenfeld (Chile).

Moreover, 1 Mira Madrid has focused its intentions, for the last 3 years, on showing artists from East Europe. With this new line of shows, the gallery has tried to contrast the life and art scene of Spain with some countries from Eastern Europe. Together with Spain all of these countries share a long dictatorial period which has determined its History. To exemplify this, we have shown the works of: Sanja Iveković (Croatia), Braco Dimitrijević (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Mladen Stilinović (Serbia) or Tomislav Gotovac (Serbia).

One of the distinctive features of 1 Mira Madrid is its interest in feminist artistic practices. For that reason we work with artists as Lea Lublin (Argentina-France), Françoise Janicot (France) and Nil Yalter (Turkey) among others, which are strong examples of these kinds of positions.

Furthermore, 1 Mira Madrid participates in different Art Fairs, such as ART BASEL BASEL, ART BASEL MIAMI, FRIEZE NEW YORK, ARCO, FRIEZE MASTERS, ART COLOGNE, ARTBO, FIAC and ARMORY SHOW.


Mira Bernabeu


Calle de Argumosa, 16
Madrid, Madrid
34 912 400504

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