01.01 Art Platform

São Paulo, Brazil


01.01 is an art platform offering a more conscious and sustainable way of acquiring contemporary art, focusing on African and African Diaspora´s production. Created by African/Brazilian artists and curators, we are supported by institutions in UK (Bockantaj- England), Portugal (Galeria ILHA DO GRILO -Lisbon) and Ghana (Ghanaian Foundation For Contemporary Art) . Our aim is to reverse ancient slavery trade routes into a cultural exchange circuit promoting fair ways of collecting and consuming art. Before the limitations regarding the tools for reading and experiencing contemporary art and its relation with worldwide silenced cultures, the 01.01 platform emerges as a project where the art market and its components are committed to create a new global environment. Concerned to present a solid experience, our activities enable a enormous circulation of artworks, artists and critical content generating not only visibility, but a selected and engaged family of collectors. Therefore, adding value to such productions we promote emerging artists and intensify the research of established ones. In other hand by connecting this proccess with collectors, we promote a active art network where is possible not only consuming art but also taking part in a greater venture by creating a healthier market for all. Our goal is to create a new art experience that reconnects collectors with artists in new world projects.
Our activities comprehend: residencies, exhibitions, acquisition of artwork, art advisory, symposiums, publications and educational programs for art acquisition.​


Ana Beatriz Almeida
Moises Patricio Silva
Keyna Eleison
João Simoes
Camilla Rocha Campos

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