Collect art directly through SP–ARTE.COM! Starting this year, we offer a new functionality: a customized profile inside the platform, which allows the user to create a digital collection, with favorite artworks, artists and galleries.

Transforming this digital selection into a physical one is now only a click away: look for the “Contact gallery” icon – available in all registered works – and start a relationship with any gallery or request more information about the piece. The whole conversation takes place through an online chat on the platform directly.

What does the platform offer?

A variety of more than 900 artworks, books and furniture were registered on SP—ARTE.COM by art and design galleries that participated in our traditional events, SP-Arte and SP-Foto. The website does not only function as an online catalogue, but also as a showcase of the most interesting artworks on Brazilian market throughout the year, and not only during the events.

Inside this universe, the user can conduct a smart search with criteria such as price, artistic medium and period. To those interested in an artist’s trajectory, the website organizes specific pages by name, with all the related works, galleries and exhibitions.

The user is also invited to register on our website and inform their preferred artistic styles, movements and artists, as well as the budget available to purchase artworks. This way, the website provides – through smart algorithms – a customized access, with options suited to the described profile.

Why access the platform?

SP-Arte is usually known for organizing the major art fair in Latin America and the main photography fair in Brazil. We understand that the purchase of an artwork involves physical contact, perception of materials and textures and an on-site empathy towards the artist’s research, but an important part of this purchase decision process has been migrating to a digital environment, specially among young collectors.

According to Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2019, more Millennials (born in the 1980’s and 90’s) have bought art through digital platforms last year, and 79% of them have bought more than once. New buyers in the art market are more engaged too: 36% have bought online in 2018, a growth if compared to the year before, when 31% said so. The impact of social media is also consolidating: 43% of young collectors (and 34% of all interviewees) have said that social media influenced them in the decision of purchasing artworks.

Now, our digital platform allows the on and offline worlds to relate in a more integrated way, generating good opportunities for collectors and galleries, as well as offering a specialized tool for the public in general. The intention is not (and neither it would be possible) to replace the physical contact with an electronic button, but to facilitate relations around the production and trade of artworks in Brazil.

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